Update: Mixed Pair Teams, LAMM Score Course Results & The Individual Championship

With Marmot Dark Mountains™ and the LAMM™ having taken place, the overall points have now been calculated for all participants who have finished one or both events.


Mixed Pairs

At the beginning of the year we had decided that we would allow mixed-pair teams to count in the British Mountain Marathon Championship, and the scores after Marmot Dark Mountains™ in January reflected this. However, this created the potential for the stronger of the pair carrying his or her partner to victory in the individual Championship, which consists of ranking and comparison by gender, and therefore we had decided not to allow mixed teams to score in the Championship.


On reflection, we have decided that to change the scoring criteria once we had already issued the Championship points for Marmot Dark Mountains™ was a mistake, and we will revert to the original concept for 2017.


This means that any individual male or female participants from Marmot Dark Mountains™ and/or the LAMM that competed as a mixed team will feature in the individual Championship scoring.


We are sorry for this confusion, and greatly appreciate the feedback we have received from various participants on this issue. After the ROC Mountain Marathon™ we will review all the comments carefully, so that the 2018 British Championship has a clear set of rules and regulations from the start.


Score Results After the LAMM

In the British Mountain Marathon Championship we have a separate Long and Short Score category, however, there are no separate Long and Short Score Courses at the LAMM. Therefore, for the 2017 British Mountain Marathon Championship, a participant’s result on the LAMM Score Course, can count for either the Long or Short Score Championship. For example, if a participant has already completed the Short Score at Marmot Dark Mountains™, their LAMM Score course points will count towards the Short Score Championship. If the LAMM was a participant’s first Score event of the year, and they then complete either the Long or Short Score at the ROC Mountain Marathon, their score will be added as appropriate.


Please bear with us during 2017. We very much see this year as a beta test for the Championship, and inevitably there have been one or two teething issues. We are working on a complete harmonisation of the rules, regulations, course designs etc. ready for the 2018 British Championship.


Individual Championship Winners

An interesting suggestion that we have received is that for 2018 onwards, that we should only allow a person to be an individual Champion if they have an individual result, i.e. they have competed as a solo participant at the ROC Mountain Marathon and have not been ‘carried’ by a stronger competitor.

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