2018 Rankings

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Senior and Youth Championship: Scoring Points

Participants in the British Mountain Marathon Championship are awarded points at each race, with their top two scores counting in the 2018 Championship. To gain an overall score, participants must compete in the same category of courses throughout the year. For example, all Elite Courses, or all A Courses. For each race in the British Championship, the top 50 in each category will be awarded Championship points as follows:

• 1st position = 52 points
• 2nd position = 49 points
• 3rd position = 48 points
• 4th position = 47 points
• etc. ……
• 50th position = 1 point

To be eligible for a ranking in the British Mountain Marathon Championship, an individual must be in the top 50 (thereby awarded points) in two out of three races (best two results count). Therefore, an individual’s overall Championship score will be out of 104 in 2018.

It is entirely possible that two or more individuals could have the same overall score at the end of the season. In this eventuality, they would become Joint Champions.

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