Shane Ohly ©Ian Corless

Shane Ohly

Shane Ohly is the Director of Ourea Events and is the senior person, acting as the Race Director, at each of the Ourea Events races. Since 2008 Shane has worked as the Planner, Race Director and/or Event Director at some of the largest adventure sport events with ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of the participants, event team and members of public. He is also an elite mountain runner and orienteer who won the coveted OMM Elite in 2011 and 2016. Find out more HERE.

Martin Stone ©Jon Brooke

Martin Stone

As the owner of SPORTident and SI Entries you have almost certainly been a customer of Martin’s if you prefer your running to be hilly and muddy! Martin is the leading expert on race timing. Back in the day, Martin was a top mountain runner with a number of long distance records to his name, including a 3nd in the KIMM Elite in 1986, and 2nd in 1988. Now, he is best known as the organiser of the LAMM, and custodian of more long distance mountain running lore than you could imagine!

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