A rough guide to Mountain Marathons

  • 1) Enter, Register, START!

    Find an event (if pairs, find a partner too!) & choose your course. Registration typically opens the evening before or the morning of the event - get ready to cross the start line!

  • 2) Run/Walk

    'Marathon' is a bit of a red herring - you can choose whatever distance you like! Expect generally off-trail/off-path terrain and there'll be plenty of (or exclusively) walking involved too.

  • 3) Orienteer

    Checkpoints are revealed after you cross the start line. Spend 5 minutes to plot your route now or do it on the fly? You'll need a map and compass for this bit (and the knowledge of how to use them)!

  • 4) Camp*

    Pack light but safe (observing mandatory kit requirements). Camps are typically remote - don't forget your stove! *Marmot Dark Mountains is exempt!

  • 5) Repeat 2+3, FINISH!

    Bask in the glory of having been on a true adventure. Many events include a hearty finishers' meal, and the opportunity to chat over where you gained or lost time with fellow competitors. Queue the prize giving.

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